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The DiD Difference

More than just a dance studio!

At Diversity in Dance, we take a holistic, mind-body-and-spirit approach to the art of dance. Here, we seek to grow our students, not just as dancers, but as whole people and members of the community.


At Diversity in Dance, we place premium value on mental health and education. Dance should be the medicine for what ails you in life, not the source of additional stress. The DiD philosophy is positivity and mental wellness!

Education should never be thrown to the side in the pursuit of any activity. At Diversity in Dance, we provide homework areas so that dancers taking extended classes can stay on track in school. Peer tutoring and professional tutoring may be provided for those in additional need of help to stay on track.


Our expert instructors will teach you to elevate your dance skills to the next level  whatever that next level may be for you. Every student is encouraged to work towards their personal bests and set individual goals for achievement.

DiD offers a weekly adult fitness class for students ages 18+. Modifications are always available for students with injuries or impairments.

Because we take health and safety seriously, all DiD Staff is first-aid and CPR trained and certified. 


At DiD, we believe dance should nurture your soul and the community surrounding you. Our DiD Company competition team is required to meet community service obligations. Additionally, DiD is working with community partners and our sister non-profit to bring open events to Friendswood and surrounding communities focusing on physical and mental health topics of interest to dancers and families.

No Main Character Energy here! Whether you're a naturally gifted dancer or can't walk and chew gum at the same time, everyone is welcome and supported at DiD!

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