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Dance Class Levels

Dance class levels are typically determined based on a combination of factors, such as the dancer's age, technical ability, and years of experience. Students are evaluated by instructors to determine their appropriate level, which may involve an assessment of their technique, flexibility, and overall dance ability. Placement in the appropriate level helps ensure that each student receives proper training necessary for their individual growth and development as a dancer.


For more information on the proper levels or classes for your child, please contact us!

Pre-Level (ages 2-5, typically): Before they enter class levels, your toddler or young child can learn the fundamentals of dance movement in our Creative Movement and Littles Combo classes. Creative Movement is a 45-minute class designed for toddlers (ages 2-3) to expand their dance-related motor skills, develop their coordination, and help them learn the art of self-expression through simple dance movements, music, and colorful props. The 45-minute Littles Combo consists of ballet, jazz, and beginner tumbling for those littles who have moved beyond Creative Movement but are not quite ready for Level I classes. Typically, Littles Combo will consist of ages 4 and 5.

Level I/II (ages 5+, no experience through only a few years of experience)Begin to learn the fundamentals and explore more intricate choreography while refining skills. Learn how to pick up choreography and start to develop your own personal style. 

Level I/II Ballet, Level I/II Jazz, Level I/II Tap, Level I/II Contemporary, Level I/II Acro,

Level I/II Hip Hop, Level I/II Leaps and Turns


Level III (advanced): Immerse yourself in professional-level choreography and exercises. You’ll learn to level up your dancing by improving your musicality, performance quality, technique, improvisation, and more.

Level III Ballet, Pointe,Level III Jazz,Level III Tap, Level III Contemporary, Level III Acro,

Level III Hip Hop, Level III Leaps and Turns

Other classes offered include Musical Theater, Conditioning, a weekly "Surprise" class, and Adult Fitness (18+ only).

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